A Family Tradition Since 1981

    A tradition that started in the early 1920’s; beginning in the gold fields of Cripple Creek and Victor.  My father John Moretti grew up in the mountain region of Colorado’s gold country.  As a boy in 1947 I lived at what was known then as camp Carson with my father who was serving in the 10th mountain division. 

I attended the University of Oklahoma where I studied commercial art and design in 1961.  In 1969 I returned to Colorado for the mountains and the outdoors I had remembered from my childhood.  I began to capture the beauty of the mountains in my paintings while I began my career in the Jewelry business.

With my love for art and a need to create my own lasting designs in 1981 I founded Moretti Jewelers.  My mission was clear.  I wanted to bring great designs and a high quality product to the Colorado Springs area

While many stores “sell jewelry” that is where it all ends.  At Moretti’s we provide much more, I felt it was important to provide all possible services in the store rather than sending any of the work off to another shop to be completed.  This would allow me to better control the quality of service provided to my customers. 

Many stores have changed with the times; they no longer offer the quality product that used to exist in the market.  I began the business using the age-old tradition of lost wax casting where a design is first hand crafted in wax and then cast in gold, a tradition which has lasted for 37 years.  This process allows a customer to help in creating their very own design, one that is unique to them a service which is not available in most stores. 

We specialize in natural colored stones Moissanite and Diamond jewelry and with an ever-growing number of customers in 1983, I began to offer jewelry appraisals after receiving my Gemological Institution of America “G.I.A.” Certificate. 

I have continued the traditions that Moretti’s was founded on.  We have been a part of the community for over a quarter century.  In that time we have been able to support many local schools and activities including several high schools and little leagues.  Building that special relationship with the people of Colorado Springs.  Some of the customers are now even 2nd and 3rd generation customers.  After 37 years in business the store is still family ran.  There are over 1000 custom designs available to choose from along with a vast collection of unique designs in stock now.

I would like to thank the customers that helped to build this tradition while I take a moment to invite you all inside to join us.  Whatever the need, our family is here to help yours.